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Verschillen tussen zwartebessen en blauwe bessen


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Zwarte bes is Ribes (Ribes nigrum), engelse naam is Blackcurrant, dus familie van rode bes (Red Currant) en Stekelbes (Gooseberry). Blauwe bes (Vaccinum corymbosum) is Blueberry in het engels.


Zwarte bes is zwart (cassis), blauwe bes lijkt op een bosbes van hier (is er familie van), heeft een blauwe schil maar is groen aan de binnenzijde (onze bosbes is ook binnenin blauw)

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waarbij de échte bosbes Vaccinium myrtillus in het engels vaak bilberry genoemd wordt




Bilberry (especially Vaccinium myrtillus) is known in English by a very wide range of local names. As well as "bilberry", these include blaeberry ( /ˈbleɪbɛri/), whortleberry (/ˈhɜrtəlbɛri/), (ground) hurts, whinberry, winberry, windberry, wimberry, myrtle blueberry and fraughan. The berries were called black-hearts in 19th century south-western England, according to Thomas Hardy's 1878 novel The Return of the Native.[1] In several other languages its name translates as "blueberry", and this may cause confusion with the related plants more usually known as "blueberry" in English, which are in the separate section Cyanococcus of the Vaccinium genus.


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