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Where to buy Pluot, Aprium + suitable Pollinators & other related questions.


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First, let me introduce myself. New here @ MoestuinForum.


I love fruits and "freaky" unusual plants, which led me to pluots. Bought a "Dapple Dandy" three years ago, but never saw one single fruit untill I found out it needs a special pollitor and will not be pollinated by any other "prunus" variety as claimed by the sales person (gardencentre). I learned that they need  to be pollinated by other pluots, Japanese plums, or Russian plums (the crosses with Japanese plums). Is the last one correct as suitable pollinator?


I found many pluot names here: http://www.pari-daeza.nl/fruit- prunus salicina x p salicina x p armeniaca-a.htm  (Note: Some seem Apriums see further below?)

‘Dapple   Dandy’   (='Dinosaur   Egg'),   ‘Early   Dapple’,   ‘Emerald   Drop’,   ‘Flavor   Delight’,   ‘Flavor   Fall’,   ‘Flavor   Finale’,   ‘Flavor   Grenade’,   ‘Flavor   Heart’,   ‘Flavor   Jewel’,   ‘Flavor   King’,   ‘Flavor Prince’,   ‘Flavor Penguin’, ‘Flavor Queen’, ‘Flavor Rich’, ‘Flavor Royal’, ‘Flavor Supreme’, ‘Flavorich’, ‘Flavorosa’, ‘Geo Pride’, ‘Raspberry Jewel’, ‘Red Ray’, ‘Splash’


1 However, try to buy any of them! Good luck. WHY IS THAT?
2 Does anybody really know any of them? Any recommendations for growing in the Netherlands?
3 Does anybody know (reliable) suppliers in Holland, Belgium, Germany, or elsewhere in the EU? Could you give me a name, or website link?

4 Suitable pollinators? Will any pluot pollinate any other pluot? Are some of them perhaps self pollinators?


I read plum "Golden Japan" is suitable as a pollinator, but also that it isn't a very "nice" or "good & tasty" plum itself, which is what makes me hesitate to buy one, since I would prefer a pollinator that is nice to eat itself. Plum Santa Rosa seems to be a suitable pollinator too, but also not the most "attractive" plum in my opinion. I haven't found any other suitable pollinators. That can't be correct, can it?



https://www.wise-geek.com/what-is-an-aprium.htm +



Varieties: Cot-N-Candy, Flavor Delight, Leah Cot, Summer Delight, Honey Rich, Tasty Rich, Flavor Ann




Basically the same questions as for the pluots.


Finally, for now, are these pluots / apriums really different from other apricots or plums and do they really have a different TASTE?


Answers, remarks, suggestions welcome, either in Dutch or English. I noticed other English entries and to cast this net as wide as possible I decided to write this in English.



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Hello FruitCocktail,


I think the majority of Pluot varieties you've listed are still under patent restrictions, so it unlikely you'll see them on sale in the Netherlands for a while;  I was very surprised to find a Dapple Dandy tree in my local garden center.   I have the following Pluot trees in my garden: Dapple Dandy, Flavor Candy, Pink Candy and a UK sourced Flavor King (not the same as the US Flavor King).  I also have a Golden Japan and Santa Rosa but the Golden Japan was planted in the wrong place, so I took some scion cuttings before removing the tree.  Personally, I thought the GJ fruit was quite nice but the bulk of the crop was always ruined by plum moth caterpillars.   My Dapple Dandy and Pink Candy are still too young to bear fruit.  I've had a couple of crops on the Flavor Candy tree - they were really good.  I've taken some cuttings and plan on grafting them on to the Pink Candy tree, as it appears they are waking up around the same time.  The Dapple Dandy seems be start a bit later than the others.  I plan on grafting a couple of Golden Japan scions on to the Dapple Dandy, as it it also appears to wake up a bit later. 


You can get the Flavor Candy, Pink Candy and Golden Japan from: https://www.promessedefleurs.com/solrsearch/result/?q=pluot , however, I think they're probably sold out by now.


Good luck.  Let us know how you get on.





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